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The Tyrant of Tashkent Not Here 755d

In Tashkent, Uzbekistan's capital, all is not what it seems. It's a pleasant city, but also a...

Uzbekistan Architecture, City, History, Sightseeing

Samarkand: Timur's Town Not Here 763d

Is Samarkand Central Asia's most magical city, or a sterile, disneyfied disappointment? And is it...

Uzbekistan Architecture, History, Sightseeing, Temple

Crossing the Kyzylkum Desert Not Here 778d

The Kyzylkum Desert dominates Uzbekistan, and we travelled across it on the old Silk Road,...

Uzbekistan History, Roadtrip

Bukhara: the Holiest City You've Never Heard of Not Here 785d

Bukhara is a beautiful city that most people in the west have never heard of, and where the ghost...

Uzbekistan Architecture, History, Sightseeing, Temple

Khiva: In The Court of The Khan Not Here 795d

In the desert city of Khiva, Uzbekistan, I found myself wondering what 'authenticity' really means,...

Uzbekistan Building