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DOs & DON’Ts in Colonia del Sacramento Becci Abroad 101d

Colonia del Sacramento is a popular get-away from Buenos Aires. Check out these DOs and DON'Ts to...

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Budget in Uruguay Tales From the Lens 145d

What it cost us to stay in Uruguay, including transport, food and hostels. Here's a hint, it wasn't...

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We Didn’t Fall in Love With Uruguay Tales From the Lens 147d

People say there are places you immediately fall in love with. For us Uruguay was one of the places...

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Booking a Hostel in Advance, Yes or No ? Tales From the Lens 149d

Dishonest exchange rates and poor hostels. This is why we never book in advance.

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Punta Del Diablo – Beaches & Pilates Tales From the Lens 150d

We woke early and headed straight to the beach for a relaxing morning of stretching, a light...

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The “Llamadas” in Montevideo Tales From the Lens 152d

After attending the noisy and colorful sambodrome of Encarnacion in Paraguay, we travelled to...

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24 Hours in Montevideo Tales From the Lens 156d

The reason we came to Montevideo was for the Carnival season and the Llamadas festival.

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An Afternoon in the Old World of Colonia Tales From the Lens 161d

We were excited to first spend a night in Colonia del Sacramento with its cobble stoned streets,...

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Destination South America - Punta Del Este The Biveros Effect 554d

Adiós Buenos Aires y buenos días Punta del Este! In our previous post about South America we left...

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Destination South America – Montevideo, Uruguay and... The Biveros Effect 662d

Second part of our exploration of Argentina and Uruguay. This time we tell you about our first days...

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Destination South America - Flights, Transits and... The Biveros Effect 664d

This is our story about visiting South America, part 1. How we got there, the flights, transits in...

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