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Why You Should Visit Peja Kosovo Intentional Travelers 51d

Best things to do in and around beautiful Peja, Kosovo | Transformational Travel for a Better World...

Serbia Hiking, Nature, Shopping, Sightseeing

The 181st Best Passport in the World When You Can Travel 56d

So another new country to explore with much to see and learn. Kosovo was at war only 18 years ago...

Serbia Adventure, History, Nightlife, Video

Words From the a Not So Young Woman Abroad Travel... A Not So Young Woman Abroad 124d

The A Not So Young Woman Community on Facebook has some amazing members who are often out and about...

Serbia City, Sightseeing

Remembering the Old Times - Belgrade 2013 The Biveros Effect 253d

Easter is a good time to travel, as long as you go to a country with a different religion. That is...

Serbia City, Sightseeing

A Two-Day Trip to Belgrade Svetoslav Dimitrov 688d

A two-day trip to the Serbian capital - Belgrade - where we indulged ourselves in local delicacies...

Serbia Food, Lifestyle, Museum, Nightlife