Puerto Rico

About Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is a country in North America. If you are considering to visit Puerto Rico or if you are traveling here now, you will find here useful and fun blog posts written by other travelers that have been visiting Puerto Rico.

Old San Juan, Puerto Rico Has Me Falling in Love Maho Enroute 316d

Have you read my ultimate bucketlist post? Than you know Puerto Rico and especially ‘El Viejo San…

Puerto Rico #accommodation #nightlife #romance #tips

Puerto Rico - You Are Beautiful Reinventing Our American Dream 756d

January is flying by - or I guess I should say has FLOWN by! I cannot believe this month is already…

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Our Favorite Souvenir From Puerto Rico: the Vejigantes Mask Just Chasing Rabbits 1188d

Our favorite souvenir from Puerto Rico: The traditional papier-mâché Vejigantes Mask is a beautiful…

Puerto Rico #history #shopping