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The Small Things Make the Difference - Behave Like a... living to the fullest 29d

This is what I learned while traveling to Gdansk. Maybe some of these hints and tips are also...

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Exploring Gdańsk. Things to Do in the Baltic City. Delightful Travellers 31d

We spend the day exploring Gdansk, a city in northern Poland near the Baltic sea. We start the day...

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A Couple of Impressions From All Around Gdansk living to the fullest 31d

Gdansk astonishes the more you walk around. Especially after seeing pictures how destroyed the city...

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Hello Poznań! Canadians Travel to Poland. Delightful Travellers 34d

We spend our first full day in Poland exploring the beautiful city of Poznań. We start out at the...

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The Doors of Gdansk and One Lonley Manhole Cover living to the fullest 34d

Wandering through Gdansk one cannot help but notice the intricate style of the doors. Rarely have I...

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What and Where to Eat in Gdansk living to the fullest 36d

A list of what you have to eat while spending time in Gdansk The food of Gdansk is amazing and...

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These Trips You Can Do Easily Within a Day From Gdansk living to the fullest 38d

Also the surrounding area of Gdansk has a lot to offer and should not be missed. I recommend going...

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A Choice of Breakfast Places in Gdansk living to the fullest 41d

Do yourself a favor and book a hotel without breakfast. The choices of breakfast places in Gdansk...

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My Personal Highlights That You Should Visit in Gdansk living to the fullest 43d

Gdansk has so much to offer, it would be a shame to rush through it. Since most of it got destroyed...

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Metamorfoza Brings Local Products on the Dining Table living to the fullest 45d

A dinner at Metamorfoza is like a trip to the surrounding country side of Gdansk. With the advatage...

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The Flowers of Gdansk - Not Your "Garden" Variety to... living to the fullest 48d

Walking along the Martwa Wisla I took pictures of the flowers which were growing along its bank....

Poland Nature

Discovering Gdansk While Participating in a Free... living to the fullest 50d

Gdansk was never on my must-see but one day it just popped up and I took the train up north. What a...

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5 Epic Hikes on the Outskirts of Poland Travelsewhere 73d

Guest Post by Jules Bukovsky Experiencing Poland would not be complete without experiencing some of...

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Exploring Tarnów, a Day Trip From Kraków WorldWideWriter 97d

Tarnów is worth exploring for its history and architecture, and makes an ideal day trip by train...

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In Search of the Kraków Defence Walls WorldWideWriter 104d

At first sight there's not much left of the Kraków Defence Walls. But look carefully and you'll...


Why I Visited the Wieliczka Salt Mine (And Should You... WorldWideWriter 111d

Is it worth battling the crowds to visit the Wieliczka Salt Mine in Poland?


Vegan Travel Tips for Warsaw Bright Nomad 129d

Did you know that Warsaw was a really vegan-friendly city? I didn’t, until I visited and discovered...

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Laptop-Friendly Cafes in Warsaw Bright Nomad 133d

Warsaw, Poland, has a lot of places for digital nomads to work from: Laptop friendly cafes,...

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9 Things to Know Before Visiting Poland Travelsewhere 149d

Looking back, I’m shocked how little I knew about Poland. As one of the largest European countries,...

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Tuesday Travel Stories: Living in Poland The Biveros Effect 163d

A story about living and studying in Lublin, Poland for a year. It was a year filled with...

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