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The Ghost Town of Kolmanskop Mapping The Map 11d

As we explained some weeks ago when we were back from Namibia, one of the reasons for us to visit...

Namibia Building, History, Museum, Photography

Sossusvlei, Dreamy Landscapes Mapping The Map 33d

The oldest desert in the world. The tallest dunes in the world. The unique orange color of the...

Namibia National Park, Nature, Photography, Romance

The Biggest Danger in Namibia Mapping The Map 60d

Namibia is a wild country. Many people could think that traveling to Namibia is not safe. And that...

Namibia Nature, Photography, Roadtrip, Tips

Unforgettable Namibia: the Video Mapping The Map 75d

This is a video resume of our roadtrip in Namibia. Here you will see us inside the ghost buildings...

Namibia Animals, Nature, Roadtrip, Video

Two Weeks in Namibia: Our Roadtrip Mapping The Map 82d

When we started thinking of Namibia as a holiday destination, we had some doubts about the days...

Namibia Adventure, Nature, Roadtrip, Wildlife

12 Things You Didn't Know About Namibia Travel Intense 109d

It's one of Africa's safest countries to travel to, but there are probably many surprising things...

Namibia Adventure, Nature, Roadtrip, Wildlife

Planning: Full Adventure in Namibia Mapping The Map 166d

Those who follow this blog may already know that we are used to plan our travels using satellite...

Namibia Animals, Canyon, Nature, Wildlife

Southern Africa, Part IX - Windhoek, Namibia The Biveros Effect 384d

Southern Africa, Part Ix - Windhoek, Namibia


Southern Africa, Part VIII - Okahandja, Namibia The Biveros Effect 385d

Southern Africa, Part Viii - Okahandja, Namibia


Southern Africa, Part V - Cheetah Conservation Fund,... The Biveros Effect 392d

A post about our visit to the fascinating Cheetah Conservation Fund in Otjiwarongo, Namibia....

Namibia Animals, Photography, Roadtrip, Sightseeing

Southern Africa, Part IV - Otjiwarongo, Namibia The Biveros Effect 393d

Our three days in Otjiwarongo, Namibia. Interesting landscapes along the road from Windhoek, exotic...


Southern Africa, Part III - Traveling to Namibia The Biveros Effect 397d

Traveling to fantastic Namibia? Read about flying to Windhoek, renting a car and driving on the lft...