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Photo Friday: Fall in Chisinau, Moldova Trekking with Becky 5d

Unlike in Moscow, it was still fall in Chisinau, Moldova, when I went just a little over a year...

Moldova History, Nature, Park, Photography

Travel to Moldova : Top Activities and Sightseeing The GreenPick 294d

Never heard of Moldova? And even less considered it as a holiday escape? Well you would be...

Moldova Adventure, National Park, Nature, Rivers & Lakes

Chisinau Ghetto Memorial Trekking with Becky 376d

Stumbling upon the Chisinau Ghetto Memorial last weekend was completely unexpected.  Chisinau is...

Moldova History, Photography, Sightseeing, View

You Want to Find Authenticity? Travel to Chisinau! The GreenPick 432d

Looking for something unique and authentic? You want to see something less touristic and off track?...

Moldova Architecture, Food, Park, Sightseeing

Moldova: an Overlooked Destination and Yet... The GreenPick 468d

Moldova is probably not a country you would consider for your holidays... And yet, it's an amazing...

Moldova Food, History, National Park, Nature