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Volunteer at Vang Vieng Organic Farm in Laos Nutrition Abroad 31d

Volunteer at Vang Vieng Organic Farm in Laos - For those who like to give back a little on their...

Lao Adventure, Lifestyle, National Park, Rivers & Lakes

A Visit to Laos’ Amazing Buddha Park Two Lost Americans 114d

We’ve seen some quirky places on our travels, but Buddha Park, lying 25 kilometers outside...

Lao Kids, Park, Photography, Sightseeing

Laos Travel Itinerary Nutrition Abroad 142d

Laos Travel Itinerary - If you’re familiar with the Thai language then you’re in luck. The language...

Lao City, Food, Nature, Sightseeing

Exploring Vang Vieng, Laos’ Secret Cavern: Pha Thao... Two Lost Americans 197d

There are lots of caves around Vang Vieng, Laos that are noisy and crowded with tourists, but we...

Lao Adventure, Cave, Sightseeing, Tips

50 Things (And 30 Photos) About Travelling in Laos Couple RTW 221d

The most comprehensive list about traveling in Laos. Everything about the locals,the country,...


Savannakhet to Hua by Bus and the New Vietnamese E-Visa 224d

My experience of a recent bus trip in Laos and also of the new E- visa in Vietnam.

Lao Roadtrip, Tips, Transport

Exploring the Mysterious Plain of Jars in Laos Two Lost Americans 236d

It isn’t often that you’re allowed to touch something that’s over 2,000 years old, but at the three...

Lao History, Photography, Sightseeing, Tips

What to Do in Luang Prabang, Laos Two Lost Americans 244d

From glittering temples and ancient rituals to French-Laos fusion cuisine and sunset cocktails...

Lao City, Food, Romance, Tips

Kong Lor Cave in Kong Lor Village, Laos Couple RTW 247d

Read this post and discover why Kong Lor Cave is the best thing you will do in Laos! A cave with a...

Lao Adventure, Cave, Sightseeing, Watersports

Vang Vieng, Laos - a Mini Guide MapTrotting 267d

One of the advantages of living in Asia is easy access to exotic destinations. I can just choose a...

Lao Accommodation, Nature, Nightlife, Party

My Camera Loves: Luang Prabang / Laos Hiddentraces 318d

My image galleries will show you, what makes Luang Prabang such a paradise for travelphotography...

Lao Food, Photography, Sightseeing, Tips

Backpacking Laos: My Overview Forever roaming the world 325d

Backpacking Laos - Covering the country, some tips, general things to know, transport and...

Lao Accommodation, City, Tips, Transport

Backpacking Asia: Stop Six Vang Vieng, Laos Wanderlust Bee 409d

The It had been a long journey from Koh Tao to Vang Vieng by bus, 23 1/2 hours (to be precise)...

Lao Adventure, Photography, Sightseeing, Tips

How to Get Your Thai Non-Immigrant B Visa Approved in... Wanderlust Movement 498d

In June this year, I had my first taste of a Thai visa run. I had just started my first-semester...

Lao Economics, Roadtrip, Tips

5 Things Not to Miss in Vientiane, Laos (Besides... MapTrotting 536d

Vientiane is one of the smallest capital cities you are likely to visit in SE Asia with a...

Lao Architecture, City, Food, Nightlife

Slow Boat on the Mekong River Day 2 - Pakbeng to Luang... MapTrotting 559d

So after an epic first day cruising along the Mekong River on the slow boat and a good nights sleep...

Lao Nature, Rivers & Lakes

Slow Boat on the Mekong River Day 1 - Huay Xai to... MapTrotting 562d

After a successful boarder crossing from Thailand to Laos the previous day and a good nights sleep...

Lao Nature, Rivers & Lakes

At the Kuang-Si Falls illumelation 572d

The Kuang-Si Falls are what desktop backgrounds are made of. Twinkling waterfalls tumble onto...

Lao Waterfall

Vientiane: the Sleeping Capital Not Here 636d

Quiet, laid back, virtually empty - is Vientiane really a capital city, or just an overgrown...

Lao Architecture, City, History

What I Learned in Laos living to the fullest 793d

Traveling through Laos I had the chance to observe the country and its people a bit. So here are a...

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