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Jordan Round Trip: First Stages Amman & Petra The Alter Lookout 9d

Right now we are on a round trip in Jordan and are recently staying in Wadi Musa, the gateway to...

Jordan Architecture, Roadtrip, Sightseeing, Temple

Danke Für Dieses Wunderschöne Abenteuer 💚 Wir2Weltenbummler 26d

Die Nacht im Camp war zugegeben nicht die Gemütlichste. Der Wecker klingelte um 6 Uhr, da es ab...

Jordan Adventure, Nature, Roadtrip, Wildlife

Why Jordan Needs to Be on Your Destination List! The Pursuit of Paradise 213d

Easter was coming up and I was discussing with E the possibility of taking an adding a few extra...

Jordan National Park, Photography, Sightseeing, View

Petra: Quest to the Seven Wonders #1 The Pursuit of Paradise 214d

Journey to the Seven Wonders – Petra Ahh Petra, we all know it from Indiana Jones and the Last...

Jordan Canyon, National Park, Photography, View

Wadi Rum: a Desert Like No Other The Pursuit of Paradise 216d

I’ve been to deserts around the world, but Wadi Rum is unique. What makes it unique? It’s the...

Jordan Hiking, National Park, Photography, View

Jordan Road Trip Part III: the Dead Sea to Madaba Backpacking with the Bonds 231d

Mid-morning on day five of our road trip we began our drive up the windy route through the hills...

Jordan Accommodation, Roadtrip, Sightseeing, View

Jordan Road Trip Part II: Aqaba to the Dead Sea Backpacking with the Bonds 238d

After a few days of lounging around in balmy Aqaba we packed our car yet again and drove north to...

Jordan Beach, Diving, Roadtrip, Sightseeing

Jordan Road Trip Part I: Amman to Aqaba Backpacking with the Bonds 244d

After spending a few days in Amman, Albert and I packed up the little Hyundai we rented from Budget...

Jordan Accommodation, City, Diving, Roadtrip

A Beginner's Guide to Amman, Jordan Backpacking with the Bonds 265d

In November, Albert and I had the opportunity to travel back to where we served in the Peace Corps,...

Jordan Accommodation, City, Food, History

Petra: Rose-Red City, Jordan Two Twins Twavel 289d

Petra occupies an arid valley in southern Jordan. On all sides, the valley is surrounded by...

Jordan City, Family, Kids, Tips

Top Things to Do in Jordan Globetrekking Gypsy 521d

From Petra to the Dead Sea, Jordan has a number of sights to lure visitors from far and wide! Here...

Jordan History, Photography, Roadtrip, Sightseeing

Stunning Kingdom of Jordan: 8 Reasons to Visit It... Bohotraveller 592d

Jordan has been on my bucket list and finally I decided to get up and go but not without...

Jordan Adventure, Sightseeing, Transport, Watersports