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Budapest Where is Unta? 7d

Budapest straddles the Danube with its two constituent parts on opposite banks, Buda and Pest. ...

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Wandering in the Old Town of Sopron, Hungary Travelsewhere 15d

Sopron sits at the closest border crossing to Vienna with Hungary. At the centre of the city is a...

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5 Reasons to Visit Keszthely by Lake Balaton, Hungary Travelsewhere 64d

Looking at a map of Hungary or even Central Europe, it’s hard not to notice the large lake in the...

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Budapest: Grand Dame of the Danube - My 10 Favourite... Txiki Tales 65d

Budapest is a city whose striking beauty hits you squarely between the eyes. Here are the ten...

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Over 1,000 Years of Pozsony Pride Trekking with Becky 83d

The Hungarians won the Battle of Prozsony back in 907, and their descendants have been celebrating...

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Budapest, Hungria Where Did She Go This Time 88d

Definitely one of the most beautiful European cities :)

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Visiting Kőszeg, the Delightful Jewel Box of Hungary Travelsewhere 89d

A long time before I thought of taking a trip through Hungary, I’d been looking at possible day...

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Flowers and "Fruits" From Around Lake Balaton living to the fullest 110d

Flowers tell their own story about a country. So wherever I go I take pictures of them. At Lake...

Hungary Nature

Different Impressions From Around Tihany at Lake... living to the fullest 112d

If you have only one weekend to discover Lake Balaton, go to Tihany. Here are a couple of...

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These Are the Best Restaurants to Eat When in Tihany... living to the fullest 114d

There are countless restaurants around Lake Balaton and I could only try a few. I spent a weeekend...

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What to Do While Spending a Lazy Weekend at the Lake... living to the fullest 117d

Not only is the lake Balaton one of the biggest lakes in Europe, it also a historic one. Here you...

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Remembering the Old Times - Budapest and Eger 2013 The Biveros Effect 171d

It is soon time for Midsummer here in Sweden and that brings back a few memories from our first...

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Remembering the Old Times - Sopron 2013 The Biveros Effect 177d

While living in Bratislava we had several countries in our vicinity. Not too far away was also the...

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Remembering the Old Times - Budapest 2013 The Biveros Effect 217d

2013 was a year when we did go to Budapest a lot of times. There is though one trip to the...

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Remembering the Old Times - Štúrovo and Esztergom 2014 The Biveros Effect 247d

Mária Valéria Bridge connects the towns Štúrovo and Esztergom on both sides of the Danube river. A...

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10 Things I Hate (And Love) About You: Budapest Travel Realist 251d

As I've said elsewhere, I don't harbour particularly warm, fuzzy feelings towards Budapest. To cut...

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Travel Guide | Budapest, Hungary Wanderlust Bee 268d

Read this City Guide to Budapest, See the top sights and discover the best of Budapest and its best...

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10 Things to Do in Budapest The OMG Diaries 280d

10 awesome things to do in Budapest

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Exporing the Jewish Quarter of Budapest Little Miss Gem Travels 326d

If, like me, you love old European towns then the Jewish quarter of Budapest will be a real treat.

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24 in Budapest Wanderlust Calls 329d

So it's official, I am a travel vlogger! *Does a little crazy dance around my bedroom* I am so...

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