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Our Trip to the Gambia - Serekunda and a Taxi Ride to... The Biveros Effect 626d

What to do on your last day in an amazing country? You know that feeling: on the one hand you want...

Gambia City, Photography, Sightseeing, Transport

Our Trip to the Gambia - Following in the Tracks of... The Biveros Effect 634d

Following in the tracks of the slave trade we took an excursion to the village of Juffureh to...

Gambia History, Museum, Photography, Sightseeing

Our Trip to the Gambia - a Day in Banjul The Biveros Effect 648d

Banjul – located on an island where the Gambia River meets the Atlantic Ocean – is the small...

Gambia City, Photography, Sightseeing, View

Our Trip to the Gambia - Hello Africa! The Biveros Effect 651d

Last night, on the flight back from the Gambia to Sweden, I spent a couple of hours looking at the...

Gambia Beach, Photography, Sightseeing, Tips