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Bucket List Priority #1: Husky Sledding in Finland Wanderer of the World 13d

Found towards the top of most bucket lists is husky sledding - a favourite pastime for both locals...

Finland Adventure, Tips, Wildlife, Wintersports

Sights on Åland - Djävulsberget The Biveros Effect 14d

If you are looking for amazing views on the Åland Islands, you should definitely head to...

Finland History, Mountain, Nature, Photography

Perfect for Winter: Finnish Glögi Recipe Wanderer of the World 16d

If in Finland this Winter, make sure you indulge in delicious Glögi: a kind of mulled wine. Or why...

Finland Drinks, Food, Lifestyle, Tips

Sights on Åland - Tower of Brännklint The Biveros Effect 42d

The tower of Brännklint was a part of the Bomarsund Fortress in Sund, Åland. Read more about the...

Finland Building, History, Sightseeing, Tips

Sights on Åland - Lilla Holmen The Biveros Effect 58d

Lilla Holmen is a small island located close to the center of Mariehamn. Here you will find...

Finland Animals, Beach, Island, Park

Turku Castle (Turku, Finland) Stephen Travels 64d

From the train station, I walked for nearly two miles, mostly along the Aura River dotted with...

Finland Architecture, Building, History, Sightseeing

Sights on Åland - Tower of Notviken The Biveros Effect 64d

Built in the 1830s and now only a ruin, the Tower of Notviken offers a spectacular view over the...

Finland Architecture, Building, History, Sightseeing

Sights on Åland - S/V Pommern The Biveros Effect 65d

One of the main sights of the Åland Islands is the 4 masted steel barque S/V Pommern built in 1903....

Finland History, Museum, Sightseeing, Tips

48 Hours in Helsinki Backpacking with the Bonds 85d

Craft beer, modern Finnish food, museums and more. How to best spend 48 hours in Helsinki.

Finland Accommodation, City, Food, Museum

Project Kilimanjaro – Step 1: Still on the Ground Level ROAD TO SELF: Bring your passport 89d

We love projects, calculating, budgeting and planning future trips (be it to the nearest 7/11 for a...

Finland Adventure, Hiking, Mountain, Nature

One Hundred Ways to Summer ROAD TO SELF: Bring your passport 94d

I, the nurse, and my husband, the enginerd, had to spend the summer separated since I came back to...

Finland Adventure, City, Lifestyle, Sightseeing

A Sunny Summer Weekend on Åland The Biveros Effect 117d

Time flies this time of the year and we are struggling to find time for everything we want to do. A...

Finland City, Family, Show, Sightseeing

Sights on Åland - Kobba Klintar The Biveros Effect 120d

When you are on the ferry crossing the Baltic Sea, there is one particular object that tells you...

Finland Architecture, Island, Nature, Sightseeing

Sights on Åland - Sawmill in Lumparland The Biveros Effect 121d

The sawmill in Lumparland, mainland Åland, is the perfect destination for anyone who wants to enjoy...

Finland Architecture, Building, Museum, Sightseeing

Sights on Åland - Lemström Canal The Biveros Effect 143d

Lemström Canal is an important passage for boats connecting the town of Mariehamn with a big part...

Finland Island, Nature, Rivers & Lakes, Sightseeing

Summer Time in Helsinki | Our Gay Couple City Weekend... 146d

A Gay Couple City Weekend Helsinki Finland – Helsinki, the Finnish capital is one of those...

Finland City, Photography, Sightseeing, Tips

Our Gay Couple Review of the Theme Park Linnanmäki in... 147d

Our Gay Couple Review Theme Park Linnanmäki Helsinki Finland – There is an Amusement Park in...

Finland Photography, Sightseeing, Tips

Sights on Åland - Sålis Battery The Biveros Effect 147d

Built as a part of a bigger project to protect the empire, the Sålis battery stood on what used to...

Finland History, Photography, Sightseeing, Tips

Our Gay Couple Day at the Finnish Design Sauna Löyly... 148d

Review of a Gay Couple Finnish Design Sauna LÖYLY Helsinki experience – A visit to Finland wouldn’t...

Finland City, Photography, Spa & Wellness, Tips

Midsummer 2017 on the Åland Islands The Biveros Effect 151d

Sunshine, music, sauna, dancing around the midsummer pole, and good food - read all about our...

Finland Festival, Food, Nature, Photography