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21 Photos to Inspire You to Visit Fiji One Chel of an Adventure 303d

Fiji is such an amazing country, and I absolutely fell in love with it while there. Here are 21...

Fiji Beach, Island, Photography, Sightseeing

A Fiji Must: Garden of the Sleeping Giant One Chel of an Adventure 343d

With over 2,000 different kinds of orchids, the garden of the sleeping giant is a must see when in...

Fiji Island, Nature, Park, Sightseeing

The Best Sailing Tour in Fiji: Coral Cats One Chel of an Adventure 349d

Review of the sailing tour I took in Fiji with Coral Cats, you won't believe the snorkelling...

Fiji Beach, Diving, Island, Watersports

Fiji Top 5 - Where to Stay, What to Do and Top Tips... lights-camera-backpack 421d

It's easy to blow a lot of coin on a trip to Fiji, but it's also possible to visit this beautiful...

Fiji Accommodation, Adventure, Food, Tips