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5 Places That Will Make You Doubt You Are in Havana Becci Abroad 7d

New private initiatives are bringing a modern touch to Havana, explore some of my favorite places...

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Best of Cuba Tour Beyond The Ordinary 8d

The Best of Cuba tour is an escorted, small group tour lasting 11 nights and taking in most of the...

Cuba Roadtrip, Sightseeing, Tips, Transport

New US Regulations in Relation to Travel to Cuba. Beyond The Ordinary 14d

A brief summary of the new US government rules and regulations in relation to travel to Cuba.


La Farola – the Road to Baracoa Beyond The Ordinary 23d

Right up until 1965, and the building of La Farola, Baracoa was a virtual island, cut off by land...

Cuba Nature, Roadtrip

What It’s Really Like to Stay in a Cuban Casa... Travels with Talek 38d

Want to know what it is like to stay in a Cuban casa particular? Talek Nantes explains how to book...


Cuba - West or East? Beyond The Ordinary 43d

As the largest island in the Caribbean, visiting the whole of Cuba in a typical 2- week holiday...

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Unique Cuban Expressions: What They Mean and How to... Travels with Talek 59d

Cuban expressions are colorful, descriptive, fun. Learn what they mean and how to use them. An...


Hurricane Irma & Travel to Cuba Beyond The Ordinary 69d

A brief overview of the situation across Cuba in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma for those already...

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Recommended Casa Particulares of Old Havana Beyond The Ordinary 80d

A personal guide to some of the very best casa particulares to be found in Cuba's Old Havana

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Four Cuban Cocktails That Circled the Globe Travels with Talek 101d

Four Cuban cocktails have circled the globe with their popularity. But what is their origin? The...


Where to Stay in Old Havana For.... Beyond The Ordinary 107d

My top tips on where to stay in Old Havana for the following…….

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The Cuba You Don't Usually See Becci Abroad 116d

Get an inside on the reality in a Cuban village. Far from touristic sights and white beaches, and...

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Solo Travel to Cuba Beyond The Ordinary 122d

If you're contemplating the idea of solo travel to Cuba, here are just some of the key issues to...

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Top Tips for Cuba Beyond The Ordinary 136d

Having travelled to Cuba since 1995, I’ve seen an awful lot of the island and witnessed a fair...

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Our Top Ten Things to Do in Cuba Weddings Abroad 141d

Our Top Ten Things to Do in Cuba | Cuban Travels | Scuba Diving, Old Havana,...

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Welcome to Cayo Largo, Cuba Unconventional Secrets 195d

My stay at Cayo Largo, Cuba, I spent at Veramar's Lindamar Village. A very cozy village, I chose it...

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Cuban Transportation: How to Get Around Travels with Talek 199d

Cuban transportation. Learn how to get around Cuba using taxis, buses, colectivos, horse and...


Hidden Havana; Way Off the Beaten Path Travels with Talek 213d

Travelswithtalek takes you into the Hidden Havana to discover exciting neighborhoods, unusual...


El Morro Fortress and the Pirates of Santiago Travels with Talek 227d

El Morro Fortress in the far-eastern province of Santiago de Cuba is an imposing structure built to...


Cayo Largo Spiagge Bianche Come Talco E #2Bekini Unconventional Secrets 232d

A relaxing week in Cayo Largo with my boyfriend ... I needed it ... After less than 11 hours by...

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