Cape Verde

Cape Verde

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20 Photos That Inspire to Travel to Cape Verde Paulina on the road 61d

Need Travel Inspiration to visit Cape Verde? Here a selection of the best pictures from Sal Island,...

Cape Verde Adventure, Hiking, Island, Sightseeing

Las Mejores Rutas De Senderismo En Santo Antao, Cabo... Paulina on the road 141d

Descubre una selección de las mejores rutas de senderismo en la isla de Santo Antao, Cabo Verde....

Cape Verde Hiking, Island, Mountain, Nature

6 Top Hikes in Santo Antao, Cape Verde Paulina on the road 253d

Discover a selection of Santo Antao's best hikes and trails. They are a must-do when traveling to...

Cape Verde Hiking, Mountain, Nature, Roadtrip

8 Useful Expressions When Traveling to Cape Verde Paulina on the road 278d

Discover 8 useful and easy expressions helping you out when traveling to Cape Verde archipelago....

Cape Verde History, Roadtrip, Tips, Transport

6 Things to Do in Sao Vicente, Cape Verde Paulina on the road 287d

Discover 6 Things To Do on the most exciting island of Cape Verde archipelago. From Hiking to...

Cape Verde Hiking, Mountain, Music, Roadtrip

Santo Antão: a Hiker's Paradise Paulina on the road 322d

Discover the green lung of Cape Verde: Santo Antão, a hiker's paradise | Descubre el pulmón verde...

Cape Verde Adventure, Hiking, Mountain, Roadtrip

Mindelo: Music Town of Cape Verde Paulina on the road 346d

Discover the cultural capital of Cape Verde: Mindelo on Sao Vicente | Descubre la capital cultural...

Cape Verde Lifestyle, Party, Roadtrip, Sightseeing

Ilha Do Sal: Colour Stains in a Desert Paulina on the road 356d

Discover a hidden gem of Cape Verde: Sal Island. | Descubre una joya escondida de Cabo Verde: la...

Cape Verde Hiking, Roadtrip, Sightseeing, Tips